In the battle of PHP frameworks, Laravel always comes out on top. It has features that make the entire task of creating web applications a whole lot easier and you are going to love these features if you are a programmer yourself.

The PHP framework – Laravel has come a long way since 2011, and undoubtedly, it has taken over the world wide web by storm. Considered as the best PHP framework around, it is a dynamic framework that is powerful, fast, and very simple to use. This framework has ten winning points that have made it the top contender in its industry. Read on ahead to know what they are!

1. Laravel follows the MVC architecture. Developers who use the PHP framework Laravel love how documentation is presented in a neat, understandable, and very organized manner. There are also a number of built-in functionalities to choose from as well as an improved development architecture to look forward to.

2. The PHP framework Laravel utilizes Composer as a dedicated package dependency manager for updates and installations, which lets developers manage third-party packages easily and instantly. This is useful in handling applications of various sizes. While the Composer itself does not manage any packages, it allows the developer to do it. The composer is a dependency manager that will allow one to declare, install or even uninstall or update library dependencies.

3. Laravel also has an internal templating engine. Blade – a powerful and lightweight templating engine – is pre-installed in Laravel, which is then compiled into plain PHP and even cached for improved performance.

4. It includes several kinds of pre-installed libraries. Laravel provides a robust log-in mechanism following the DB security standards. Other great features of the Authentication Library include user authentication, HTTP authentication, and login throttling. There are over 20 different kinds of high-level libraries that come pre-installed.

5. Artisan is a CLI based script that is able to run a number of helpful commands for automation of building the web application! Such commands allow one to make a model, controller or service provider, for example. It can even be used to migrate the database or create test data with the use of tinker. The entire list is viewable by way of typing the command “php artisan list”. You can also create your own command with the “php artisan make:commandMyCommandExample”.

6. Laravel allows for database migrations. Laravel has no need for any database recreation for each change that was made. Because of this, developers won’t lose any data, logically speaking. The database migration step is also more advanced and much more secure than other frameworks. It uses a Bcrypt algorithm for encrypting the database passwords that will, later on, make for the best kind of PHP framework.

7. You can expect faster caching with Laravel. The program makes web caching a whole lot faster thanks to the support for a wide variety of tools. When you use the particular pre-built support that is already in Laravel for a variety of applications such as Redis or Memcached, you can expect faster memory caching performance.

8. It comes with a unit testing tool for scanning what could go wrong in the code. This makes life easier for the programmers who use it, especially since the testing tool can be applied to all the new updates that will be made on the application – without breaking the application. Thanks to this, programmers can reduce development time and become more efficient.

9. It features the Scout tool. This is a unique tool which allows for full-text searches on all kinds of Eloquent modules.

10. And finally, Laravel has a dynamic use. If you hire dedicated Laravel Developers, they can help you utilize Laravel in order to create applications from small-scale projects to enterprise level software. And, with a robust and very secure API building structure, we can use Laravel to create your hybrid applications.

With all these features, PHP framework Laravel is becoming one of the most preferred PHP frameworks around. It is a proven performer and an essential platform for developers who need to efficiently create web applications of all sizes. So, if you are a business owner and planning to develop your next web application project on the Laravel framework, hire our expert Laravel developers today to make your cloud-based development projects a success.