Web development process is one of the biggest task, that it cannot be completed within a day. It can always be termed as a never-ending effort because you keep on learning new things day by day, which moves ahead with time and energy. A lot of focus and labor is what it usually demands. Once you start with the development process of your website, there are a few things which you should figure out and plan, before even getting started with the initial stage.

Each and every single point mentioned below has equal importance and thus you must be able to remember all of them while planning to start with the process of web development. Most of the people are mis-conceptualized with this process and they bother to look into it, only after completing with website development.

Web development is generally very important and time-consuming work for every business, and for a business website to succeed, and in this post, i am going to explain the 11 things you must consider before going into web development.

I. Domain Name: One of the basic things before starting with web development is choosing a name that people can remember well and easily. Along with it choose wisely and appropriately, whether you will be using.com or.net, or something else.

II. Hosting Provider: The speed and working of your website would be dependent on the hosting service you choose. So it’s always recommendable to choose a reliable hosting service provider and look at how much capacity you need and thus accordingly choose one which suits your needs.

III. Latest Technology: Always keep in mind to use the latest technology for web development like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, etc. Nowadays, all web development companies use the best and latest technology.

IV. Colour & Layout: An eye-catchy color can always be termed as the best option for your website. As it’s said that colors affect the feel of your website, it is best to choose the best color for your website. A neat & clean layout is always preferred by visitors. And not to forget about the header and footer. It must be attractive, but at the same time even simple and not too shiny.

V. Have clear Purpose: Now when you have started the process of web development, you must have a clear and precise idea regarding it. Knowing your purpose even includes knowing about your aim and like. Along with it, one should even ask this question to himself like what’s the need of a website for your business, corporate, e-commerce or something else? This would gradually help you to build a good and relevant website for your business.

VI. Site Map: Prepare a clear Site Map in the beginning of development, so that once you start the process of developing the website you are not left with a big question mark and as a result, even your time won’t be wasted.

VII. Use of Content: Make sure that your website provides a good and informative content to the users who visit your website. While choosing the content, even try to target certain keywords to rank high in search engines so as to finish with your SEO work. The type of content like language, video, picture etc you choose will have a direct effect on your site speed i.e., how slow or fast the website will load.

VIII. Use of Advertisement: Don’t push and try to avoid the use of too much advertisement on your website. Only put an advertisement wherever it’s necessary.

IX. Pop-Up: Prevent the use of Pop-Up Messages. This could be one of the biggest reason for slow loading and can even turn to be the most annoying type of advertising as at times users can’t even close them.

X. Design: When we talk about design, all it needs is attractiveness. A good website must be always simple and professional enough.

XI. Buttons: Make “call to” action buttons a bit eye-catching so as to get more and more clicks, like buy now or download now. Using bright colors like yellow or orange could always be a better alternative

Source: www.naijatrending.com.ng