In today’s fierce marketplace, most webmasters are trying to improve their content to rank better, improve their brand’s reputation, and eventually to make more sales. However, in order to have success, you’d better act on what currently works. Google’s algorithms change on a frequent basis, and the ranking factors that used to matter three months ago might not be so important right now.

Moreover, when you develop a new WordPress blog, you should better equip yourself with the proper content ideas, knowledge, and tools. Why should you do that? Well, your website’s and your brand’s expansion depends on it. If you’re great at what you do and what you provide to the marketplace, you’ll be appreciated. More than just that, your business is going to be profitable.

Without further ado, let us give you some powerful content marketing insights. Try to take our advice and put it into action as soon as possible. Without the proper execution of your knowledge, it’s really hard to get far.

Content Ideas:

Curate and Compile a List of Useful Resources

You can curate a list of the most useful resources on a given topic and put it all together in a comprehensive blog post that displays links to valuable information/tools. You can name your post “Best 10 Resources To …”. Make sure to link back to every product/service you use in your post. By the way, Google loves this type of content, and your customers probably love it too!

Write Comprehensive “How-To” Posts

People encounter a lot of challenges and problems on a daily basis. Delivering “how-to” content is going to serve your blog well. Besides the fact that you’ll write longer content (which ranks better), you’ll also ensure that you’ll bring value to your reader’s life by providing solutions and ideas for his problems.

Interview an Influencer/Authority

Set up an interview with an authority within a field. Someone who’s known and followed by a lot of fans. By doing so, you’re capturing the attention of a lot of individuals, because they will be highly interested to hear what their “authority” had to say. Moreover, this type of content inspires trust because it’s backed up by expert entities.

Do Guest Posting

When you’re running out of content promotion ideas, you should write posts for different blogs. Because you’re writing content for free, they’ll reward you with a natural backlink which will improve your search engine rankings. More than that, you’ll receive direct traffic from the blog who posts your content.

Post an Infographic

If you’re looking for bursts of high-quality traffic to your WordPress blog, I’d suggest publishing several professional infographics. This form of content is super popular at the moment, and that’s because internet users want quick, useful, and reliable information. Sometimes, they don’t want to spend time reading long posts, so your infographic will be their best bet of getting informed about a topic.

Content Tips:

 Produce Unique Content, Always!

Plagiarizing content will discourage Google from optimizing your ranks. In fact, you’ll get penalized because you’re not bringing something “unique” to the table. Therefore, using Copyscape, you can always ensure that everything you’re going to publish will look “unique” in Google’s eyes.

Provide Value to Your Target Audience

If your website visitors leave after they spend a few seconds on your website, you are being irrelevant to them. Your content does not succeed to solve their needs, so they’ll bounce to another website. BUT, if your readers find valuable information inside your blog, they’ll take more actions such as liking, commenting, or sharing your content. This will positively influence your Google rankings & your overall business performance!

Give More than Your Competition

Great blogs become remarkable by delivering more than their competitors. If your main competitor offers 10 tips on how to be productive (just an example), you’d better cover 20 tips on how to be productive. This way, when a prospect encounters the choice between the two posts, he’s likely to choose yours. It works the same with all your website development and marketing efforts. Do more and you’ll receive more.

Make Your Content Look Impeccable

Impeccable content doesn’t have grammar and spelling mistakes. It always features simple language so that every reader which gets in contact with it will encounter no issues with understanding it. Never post crappy content; pay huge attention to your proofreading and editing, and always double check before hitting the “publish” button.

Without a Proper Marketing Strategy, Great Content Loses Its Potential

You can write the most exceptional content out there; yet, if you’re not promoting it the right way, you’ll lose a lot of potential traffic and sales. Develop your content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing campaigns as soon as possible.

Content Tools:


Grammarly helps you stay out of trouble by detecting grammar, spelling, and structural mistakes in your content. The app’s free to use, it has a premium version too, and it can be installed in your Word’s processor. It is one of the best grammar & spelling tools on the marketplace, so you’d better give it a shot.


Great writing is always easy-to-read and interpret. When you write content which is super easy to read, more people will be able to consume it. Therefore, you’re improving your chances of getting more leads and eventually sales. HemingwayApp analyzes the “readability” of your text. It highlights the most complicated-to-read sentences and provides suggestion on how to optimize them.


BuzzSumo lets you know about the topics and discussions that are currently popular. It gives you clues on the engagement people display concerning specific subjects and topics. Moreover, with BuzzSumo you can find hundreds if not thousands of social media influencers. Use them to feature your product to a big number of followers and loyal subscribers!

Essay Geeks

In case you’re not an excellent writer, outsourcing the content creation process is an advised thing to do. Essay Geeks has professional writers that write on every possible topic. Once you find a professional writer that can provide you with valuable, relevant, and qualitative content, you’ll be able to focus on other important activities which suit you better.

Google Analytics

Lastly yet very importantly, Google Analytics is a must for every person who owns a website. By checking out the metrics that this free software provides, you’ll get a lot of insights on how your content is performing. You’ll understand what your readers like & don’t like, and you’ll be able to optimize everything up to the point where the results turn positive.


Your content marketing efforts can and should be improved on a consistent basis. Implement new content development strategies along with new marketing strategies, and you’ll get just enough results to be able to measure, optimize and scale all of your content development operations.