Each year, a flood of new apps enters the marketplace, vying for consumer’s attention. As more apps come into the mainstream, a series of new apps follows as demand changes and new technologies emerge. Looking toward 2018, app ideas for development are already brewing in the minds of many, so how do we choose where to start with Android app development?

In this article, we are going to look at 5 Android app ideas that are ripe for development in the coming new year. Let’s look together at the future we are creating and prepare for Android app development in 2018.

Who knows? Your app might be the next big thing, so there’s no time to waste. Let’s get started.

 Why Android app development?

Now, the first question you might be asking is ‘why Android app development?’ After all, the mobile app development process encompasses more than just Android, so why not consider iPhone or iOS development? Well, for starters, Android has a larger market. In fact, in 2015, there were only 25 billion iOS app downloads, whereas there were 50 billion Android app downloads. As that number continues to grow, more developers are looking at Android.

Additionally, Android app development can be much simpler than iOS development, depending on the project. For instance, Apple has much stricter guidelines when it comes to mobile app design and getting placement in their store. On the other hand, Android’s rules are more liberal and allow for experimentation and risk-taking that can be difficult to replicate with iOS.

Although developing a Hybrid mobile app is always a possibility, developing a native Android app will give you the best chance of success moving into 2018. Now that you have a better understanding of why we are choosing Android app development, let’s take a look at a few app ideas perfect for the task.

(1) Online food aggregator app

Everyone needs to eat and food aggregator apps do their best to help with that. Although you might be familiar with a few of these apps on the market already, there hasn’t been anyone who has broken out and dominated the market. This is the perfect opportunity to jump in and create your own app.

Developers looking to build an app like this should work with local restaurants to list their menus and pricing, allowing for more brand recognition. Additionally, one could very easily include an online ordering system and delivery feature, depending on who you are working with for your development.

While mobile apps have already changed the restaurant industry, there is still potential to do more. Develop your app and get in there now before it’s too late.

(2) Vacation guide app

When you’re in a new city on vacation, it’s nice to have something familiar to rely on. This could familiar thing could be your app. For those looking to get involved in Android app development, a vacation guide app could be the perfect thing.

While there are already apps out there for specific cities and booking flights, these apps are often outdated or seriously lacking in functionality. By simply creating your own version of a vacation app with a focus on UX design, one could develop a solution that meets customer’s needs. On top of that, cities looking for a better app will thank you for helping users see their city.

Perform market research and find out where your app would work best. Sometimes all that’s needed is an app to fill a void in the market to be successful.

 (3) Augmented reality app

As augmented reality (AR) continues to grow in popularity, demand for AR Android apps will continue to grow along with it. Get a head start on the industry by breaking through the world of AR with an app of your own.

Developers can make AR apps for viewing construction projects, simulation training for companies, or education, just to name a few. Although the mobile app design might cost more in time and resources, the benefits of creating a well-crafted AR app so early in the revolution far outweigh the initial setup.

Find the right team to help you get started with AR and Android app development, then start changing the world today.

(4) Elderly care app

Although the median age for mobile users is somewhere around 10-11 years old, apps aren’t just for young people. In fact, the older generation has been so often neglected by developers that now is the perfect time to create your own elderly care solution with Android app development.

Mobile app ideas in this scenario could be solutions such as a medication ordering service, a text message service with a simpler user interface, or even simply a magnifying glass app. These may sound rudimentary, but they are solutions to every-day problems for most elderly folk.

Even if you decide to go a different direction, there are plenty of folks out there looking for an app like this, it just doesn’t exist yet. Someone is going to figure it out eventually, why can’t that someone be you?

(5) Internet of Things integration app

Our final idea for Android app development is an Internet of Things (IoT) integration app. Like AR, as more IoT devices come on the market, the need for apps that can work with them will be there. Instead of waiting until IoT becomes a bigger thing, why not start today and grow with it?

Depending on whether or not you outsource app development or develop your app on your own may determine your design capabilities here, as IoT is still a relatively new idea. However, if you can cement yourself as the solution in the IoT world early on, the upsides will outweigh the downsides.

Start brainstorming now and get in the Smart state of mind. There may already be a lot of IoT ideas out there and to come, but it only takes one to make a difference.


As 2017 winds down and businesses begin gearing up for the new year, consider Android app development for 2018. There’s no time like the present to get started, because before you know we’ll be writing our ideas for 2019. Happy developing!

Source: www.snyxius.com