You may have heard of the phrase ’the first impression is the last impression’. This perfectly suits website designs as well. Especially as it is extremely important in the era of online social existence. Nowadays new websites are emerging with the same services but with a new reliable design, this includes user-friendly navigation, fresh contents, speed and functionality. According to a 2012 research by NETCRAFT shows that 140000 websites are built every day and all these website designs differ from each other but are on the same competition as you are. So here are the five trends that are result oriented that will attract more audience to your website.

  •  Color Combination or Shades

Color harmony is one of the most integral part of a website design. Every website designer uses a specific color that describes the company’s profile. E.g. Facebook uses blue color and Lipton tea uses yellow color to represent their website and customer loyalty. Choose the color wisely as it can affect the next-time visit of the audience.

  • Layout

Layout is the structure of your website. That basically deals on how you arrange the contents and how the text and pictures are aligned. Visitors focus on the content of website at first in order to keep their attention, this is important that how will you choose to display homepage and menus. If you display menus in the same place in every pages, this will keep the visitors stay focused on the contents. Keep in mind that simplicity makes it beautiful.

  • Coding Language

When deciding to build a website, the first thing that should be considered is coding language for your website. You have to know the strengths and limitations of these languages. It is essential because some languages are not supported by some browsers which will irritate or limit a visitor from viewing your website.

  • Mobile responsive design

The rate of browsing from smart phone is much greater than the rate of browsing a website from you laptop or PC because people tend to keep themselves updated and spend almost 70% percent of their time on mobile devices. Here you have to focus on features like smoothness, GPS, and mobility that keeps visitor feel comfortable.

  • Soft Animation

For capturing the visitor’s attention, visual effects and animation is the key. Many website uses soft animation by sliding their project photos, which replaces a large summary of content by standard photos displayed animatedly. Keep those animations that are responsive and draws attention. But overloaded animation will frustrate the visitor.

Time to wrap up, either you have built your website or it is already built. It’s the time to consider the above 5 trends that are part of today’s social media competition. In order to survive socially, you have to follow and adjust according to the need of visitors. All you have to do is decide which language to use for coding that should be light and do form the elements according the layout which best suits according to the content, keep it the same throughout the website.