5 Plugins to add to your WordPress WooCommerce store to increase revenue

I think you’ll agree with me when i bring up the topic:

It is really hard to convert new visitors on your website into paying customers.

Or is it?

Well it turns out you can dramatically increase your WooCommerce store sales by adding some simple plugins to your website.

And in todays post I’m going to show you what these plugins are.. and exactly how you can easily add them to your WordPress website.

Abandoned carts with WooCommerce

In many instances a customer may follow the purchase process on your eCommerce store then hit the checkout stage and decide to leave.

This can be due to a few reasons such as site speed, payment options and shipping costs. If you have the option to provide free shipping you should do it, a way around this is to increase your product prices to cover the cost of shipping.

There are a few ways to retain customers and bring them back to your store if they decide to leave.

We like to use an abandoned carts plugin for WooCommerce.

Have you ever checked to see if any of your customers have made it to the final stage of the checkout process then bailed?

If not you should install a plugin that lets you view this information.

With the average shopping cart abandonment rate as high as 65%, using an abandoned cart plugin can dramatically increase your online sales.

Mail-chimp integration with your WooCommerce store

When a customer purchases a product from your store it is highly recommended that you retain their information for further marketing purposes.

Mailchimp usually asks for 2 factor authentication when a user signs up to your list, through after a long research process we have found that the following plugin allows you to automatically add the users to your mailing list after checkout without having to confirm the subscriptions.

WooCommerce review reminder

72% of customers will read reviews on a product before making to decision to purchase. This is why reviews are essential for your WooCommerce store.

I can’t emphasize enough.

Reviews drive sales.

Reviews are also suited for SEO instead of paying for a blogger outreach and guest posting service, high quality reviews can provide real feedback and fresh content for your product page.

User reviews are proven sales drivers, and something the majority of customers will want to see before deciding to make a purchase.

Simply put reviews will increase your product landing page conversion rate and will keep the user engaged for a longer period of time.

We like to suggest 2 plugins. The first option is a more inclusive plugin with rich snippets and schema support, WP Review Pro.

The second option

A free WordPress plugin which will remind the customer to leave a review after purchase based on your submitted date settings – WooCommerce Review Reminder

Combining your top selling products into product bundles

If you want to find your top sellers you can navigate to WooCommerce > Reports

From here you can see what products are selling well from your eCommerce store.

Select a range of products that you think would work well together and bundle them for special occasions.

Here are some examples:

  • Mothers Day product bundle
  • Fathers Day product bundle
  • Valentines day product bundle
  • Birthday product bundle
  • St Patricks day product bundle
  • Christmas product bundle

Follow the seasons and special occasions and get creative to make a unique product bundle for your customers to purchase.

Professional eCommerce Marketing with Beeketing

There are pretty much 2 options for professional marketing for your WooCommerce store. These include Sumo.com and Beeketing.

We have chosen to go with Beeketing as they focus more on sales conversions whereas Sumo focuses more on email capturing.

Countdown Cart

By creating a time giving customers a certain amount of time to purchase your product can create a sense of urgency.

This is a well known sales marketing technique used by many eCommerce companies.

Create the scarcity and limited available to hook your customer in for the sale.

This plugin also includes social proof to show customers who have purchase the product and added it to the cart.

Mobile web boost

Having a way to boost mobile conversions is a sure fire way to simplify the checkout process on mobile. You can deliver a significant boost in mobile sales and decrease your bounce rate by simplifying your mobile navigation and sales funnel.

Mobile boost from beeketing provides a full screen view of your website on any mobile device with a direct call to action for a simplified shopping experience.

52% eCommerce transactions in the US were made on mobile devices in 2017 and this trend is growing.

By implementing new techqnies to optimize your website for mobile checkout you can create increased revenue.

Source: gracethemes.com