Nowadays, people tend to ask questions before following, choosing or implementing anything. This is why it is quite strange to see that a lot of website designers and developers still following the old methods and grappling with the blatant misconceptions about website design. Of course, there are hundreds of myths related to website design in Cork that you should be aware of to make sure that the website design company you are going to hire in Cork is not following the similar web design myths as well. Continue reading to have a look on some of the myths which have been popular for the past few years.

1. Always Go with Minimalistic Website Design

In the past few years, a lot of website owners has moved towards minimalistic design. But, switching to minimalistic design is not a great option every time. It is not like that minimalism is not good; all you need to understand is that it does not come as a great option always for every project. For instance, if you are creating a website to let people know about your business, using negative spaces and presenting information in a simple and catchy manner will surely be the best option. However, if you are building a site for selling products online, it should be your first priority that people should see as much product as possible when they visit your site.

2. Your Website Design Does Not Require Change

Nothing lasts forever in the digital worlds. If you want to remain in the competition, you need to keep pace with the latest trends. Website design is an ongoing process. You should upgrade the different elements of your site as per the latest trends to make your site both search and user-friendly. In fact, major search engines like Google also recommend those sites on search engines pages that keep themselves updated with the rapidly-changing trends.

3. Usability is Enough to Ensure the Success of the Site

There is no denying that your site must be user-friendly to get success. But only creating a user-friendly website is not enough to achieve success. In simple words, no matter how perfectly your site works, if it does not look appealing and attractive then no one would like to visit your site more often. If you are working with a website design company in Cork, you must make sure that your website should be both attractive and user-friendly.

4. Homepage is the Most Important Element of the Site

Undoubtedly, it is! But, it does not mean that you should give your entire time to make the homepage of the site as beautiful and unique as possible. Rest of the pages of your site are also as important as the home page. A well-designed web page will not only help people in finding exactly what they are looking for but also compel users to explore more about other services. When it comes to website design in Cork, you should make sure that the company, you have hired, gives proper attention to every little detail in order to get a website which really works for your business.

5.Integrating Too Many Innovative Features

Integrating too many innovative features cannot only be only useless but these can be harmful sometimes for the performance your site. When it comes to designing a site, all you need to ensure that it should have a unique combination of style and easy navigation. Integrating too many elements like splash pages, graphics, GIFs, typography, icons will not only make the navigation quite complex but it also results in increasing bounce rate.

From that above discussion, it becomes quite easy for anyone to know what they should do and what to avoid while creating a functional and appealing website.