Somewhere along your way to a successful online entrepreneurship, you stop and ask yourself, what more can I do? In order to keep your audience hooked on your site, what can you do? Creating videos and podcasting are one of the key element to keep your viewers engaged on your site. But these processes take a lot of time as well as the extra effort. You will be needed to not only plan, prepare but also to market them as well. So you think you are back to square one?

Think again, because WordPress has come up with solutions that will make your site more attractive and sticky for viewers to fall for it. One of them is Quizzes. You can add these to your sites with the ease of plugins made available. Get your audience to stick and engage on your site and gain more traffic and market!

What are WordPress Quiz Plugins?

One of the best ways to gain visitors and keep them is by making your website more appealing and interesting for them. To do this, sometimes interesting written contents are just not enough. So the solution? Adding Quizzes to engage your visitors while they are on your site.

WordPress has come up with a range of quiz plugins that help you to do so.

Why is it so great? Well, with quiz plugins, people will spend even more time on your site which will lower the bounce rate. User-engagement improves and you will have more loyal viewers and audiences. Not only this but with your own quizzes, people usually tend to follow you more and purchase your products.

Lastly, who would deny a fun quiz that you can either take or create? It’s fun to pass your time and improve the viewers’ rate at the same time.

Best WordPress Plugins for Quizzes

So here we have today, the ultimate hand-picked collection of Best WordPress Quiz Plugins that you can try and download for yourself! Feel free to have fun and choose the best one that works for you!

1. WP Quiz

The most important aspect of a quiz is the relatively common and engaging way that you can find to present your quizzes. Thus, WP Quiz is one of the most popular quiz plugins available out there. With this WordPress quiz plugin, you can build or create quizzes with ease. This also provides you options to choose whether you want a trivia, personality or flip card quizzes. What’s more? You can even add images or videos which show image credit for you to save any legal troubles.

It’s easy to use, efficient and the best part is, you get all these functionalities for free. If you want more advanced functions then, MyThemeShop also provides you with a premium version. Get your visitors engaged on your site and build your traffic for absolutely minimum time and effort!

You can choose from different formats of quizzes which are really very easy to set up. Here is a glimpse of how your personality quizzes will look on your websites. The images can be customized and you can change the positions and number of how many quizzes you want to display on your site.


  • SEO Friendly as well as fully responsive.
  • You can use this for unlimited sites for absolutely free.
  • Choose from trivia, personality or flip card quizzes.
  • One click demo import.
  • Single/Multi Page layout

2. Quiz Cat

If you are looking for an app to create quizzes for your website in an interesting and engaging way, then you should definitely try Quiz Cat. Effortless, this app can be the real game changer for your website with its unique and beautiful landing pages. You can create unlimited quizzes with this app and you can even have as many questions as you want on each one. After the completion, you also have the option to customize the message that shows up at the end of each one to make it more amusing.

However, the most alluring part of it all is that it shuffles all your quiz answers which make it less boring for your viewers. One of the simplest plugins to use, Quiz Cat is a must have for those of you who wish to add quizzes to their website.

Since you can choose the quiz type as well as customize the answers yourself, this app is versatile and you can use it for multiple purposes. Here is an example of a trivia quiz type with yes or no answer options.


  • Interesting features with a different and unique landing page for each quiz.
  • Translation ready and responsive design.
  • Option to add customized messages at the end of each new quiz.
  • Shuffles the quiz answer options
  • Easy-to-use and effortless Quiz builder.

 3. Quiz and Survey Master

Whether you wish to add a survey or a quiz to keep your users busy, Quiz and Survey master will be your favorite app to do so. Why? Because with this plugin it is so easy that it will be a piece of cake. You can create unlimited surveys or quizzes and you will also have the option to choose from different type of questions like true or false, open answer question, drop down, as well as multiple responses, fill in the blank and number and accept.

Each quiz or survey is fully customizable and you can add or remove any extra bit of text or images to your liking. It is a flexible plugin which can be graded with the incorrect/correct system or with points based system.

The simple and elegant features of this plugin make it the easiest to use and efficient as well. You can take surveys as well as polls and quizzes as per your requirement in a classy and professional manner.


  • Unlimited quiz or survey creating option.
  • Different grading system meant for different quizzes.
  • Easy to manage and categorize your quizzes
  • Option to choose from different surveys and quizzes styles.
  • Customization option for text.

4. Poll

If you are up for asking your viewers for what they want next, or simply a fun survey or poll to attract and engage more audiences, Poll is the way to go! The poll is a great WordPress quiz plugin that sums up all the functions of a quiz plugins in one. With this, you have the option to create polls and surveys on your WordPress site. Beautiful and unique design, you will easily be able to create as many polls as you want to get all the attention.

Whether you want your viewer’s opinion on something or you simply want to add some fun to your all content based website, Poll is the perfect WordPress quiz plugin for you.

This unique plugin will no doubt engage your viewers for a long time while they visit your site. Here is an example of how your quizzes and polls will look on your websites. You can create as many as you wish and to be able to customize the images adds to more of its awesome functionality.


  • 9 Unique and different landing page for your polls.
  • Easy to use and customize.
  • Option to display several polls on the same page.
  • Compatible with all the versions of WordPress.
  • Drag and drop feature and Translation ready.

 5. ARI Stream Quiz

This is another great example of how easy and effortlessly you can make your site look with the help of additional quizzes and surveys. If you are able to create an interesting quiz that grabs people’s attention, then with help of the ARI Stream Quiz, you can make it go viral.

What’s so great about this is that along with the quiz and surveys, you also get space to include ads and monetize your contents.

You can create trivia quizzes or personality quizzes, that entirely depends on you. Moreover, you can even share your quiz with your social media pages and make it more popular. Choose from multiple designs and unlimited choice to create. Topping it all, this WordPress quiz plugin is also translation ready and fully responsive.

Easy to easy and customize, you can see here for example how efficiently and effectively your quizzes and trivia can be managed. The easy to use instructions and menus are helpful and thus, makes this one of the best WordPress quiz plugins.


  • Loads quizzes through AJAX.
  • Ability to show multiple personalities on the final page.
  • Shuffles answers to make quizzes more interesting.
  • Contains Buzzfeed and Standard themes.
  • Shows Play again button for more viewers engagement.

 6. WordPress Survey and Poll

The last but certainly not the least, we have the WordPress Survey and Poll plugin. This is one of the best plugins for you to create quizzes and surveys as the name suggests. Easily customizable, this plugin provides you with the RGB color picker to help your quiz box match the theme. Additionally, you can also build and customize the panel while life previewing it. You can even decide where you want to place them.

Moreover, this WordPress Quiz Plugin has an amazing scroll effect with the parallax effect. Another amazing feature of this particular plugin is that it lets you lock the screen which makes it mandatory for your visitors to finish the test. What more do you need to get your viewers engaged on your site?

Once you install it, you will find the user-friendly settings on the menu that you use to customize and create surveys and polls. You can even categorize them to their separate categories and make them more efficient to use.


  • Fully responsive design with a mobile-friendly design.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Ability to lock the screen.
  • Over 650 google fonts available to try.
  • Unlimited surveys and polls creating option.
  • Easily customizable with various options.

 Summarizing it all

Quizzes can be a fun and yet effective to gain more traffic and keep it that way. It’s one of the least time and effort confusing element that makes a huge difference. You can create and set quizzes for your audiences or you can make them start one. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that these plugins will have your visitors hooked on your site for hours on end if not more.