A framework is a structure or a platform which you can choose and build a program on it. This decides the structure of your application, moreover, help to connect with various APIs. Laravel is a renowned PHP framework that enables the developers to advance development process without increasing project overheads. Unlike other frameworks, Laravel ensures all-out performance and scalability, hence preferred by a considerable number of laravel development services

Why Choose Laravel Over Other PHP Frameworks?

Laravel is an advance php framework and it incorporates a broad ecosystem with instant hosting and deployment platform. Under mentioned few stand out features of Laravel framework.

Authentication And Application Logic

One of the crucial parts of any web application development is authentication and developers usually spend a lot of time for authentication codes as well. Laravel expedite this process by organizing the authorization logic while streamlining the access to the resources. Moreover, the last redesign of Laravel offers a pre-built validation code, which will exponentially dwindle the time taken to compose the colossal codes.

In the other hand, application logic can be executed within any application through controllers or directly to the route declarations using syntax. In total, Laravel provides flexibility for laravel developers, thereby assuring a hassle-free, adaptable ecosystem suitable to build both enterprise applications and small websites.

Blade Templating Engine

Blade represents a simple yet dynamic template engine built within laravel to effectively utilize plain PHP code in your views. All the other PHP frameworks restrict their users from using the plain PHP code, in contrary, Laravel support this feature and thus allowed the blade views to be compiled into plain PHP code and cached until they are modified.


Artisan is nothing but a command-line interface provided by Laravel. It offers several ready made commands to make your development advance. Typically the developers interact with the framework by using a command line manually. Whilst Artisan allow them to perform this boring and tedious programming tasks with ease and precision.

Laracasts – Superior Tutorials

Laracasts is a top-notch learning tutorial which incorporates both free and paid videos specifically designed to help users grasp the Laravel concept much easily. The video lessons designed by Jeffrey Way is clear as well as concise and satisfy the purpose as well.

Improved Documentation And MVC Support

Every laravel developers who use Laravel framework will confirm its claim of having a top-grade documentation setup. It takes advantage of Flysystem for this cause, moreover, its stockpiling choices can be designed on a nearby remote cloud-based framework.

When it comes to MVC, Laravel go after model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. It delivers many built-in functions, hence making it easy for the developer to further proceed.


Laravel assures extreme security for it users as it never saves the password as a plain text in the database instead uses bcrypt hashing algorithm to create an encrypted password. Moreover, the prepared SQL statements deliver further security promise that it never let any injection attacks to affect the process. Laravel also provides a simple way to escape user input to avoid user injection of the <script> tag.

 Database Migration

To keep the database in sync with the development engines can be tiring task but with Laravel’s database migrations, one can accomplish this effortlessly. In fact, MySQL Workbench is not the best option to sync databases with development engines. Try migrations. If you keep all of your databases work in migrations and seed, then it will be much easier for you to migrate any changes to any other database engines.

Final Thoughts

Laravel development stands among the best of modern-day frameworks as it succeeded in satisfying today’s web application development demands. Any laravel development company with a convincing track record will undoubtedly confirm the contributions of aforementioned factors in deploying a top-end product. However, to choose a framework is more than just features. It incorporates a serious understanding of market, challenges, requirements and more.

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