9 Best Javascript Frameworks In 2018

Speaking of web development, JavaScript frameworks are really popular. Both businesses and developers prefer JavaScript frameworks alike. If you are a software developer, then you might have experimented with one or two JavaScript frameworks already. You might be wondering about the best JavaScript framework in the business for your next web development project. Well, we are here to help you with that.

When it comes to web development projects, one must use the best JavaScript framework available. As we all know, JavaScript frameworks are evolving really fast. As a result, it becomes your duty to get updated about all the happening JavaScript frameworks.

It is important to make sure that you are growing as a software developer. Given that, you need to get familiar with the latest JavaScript frameworks available in the business. We have come up with the top 9 JavaScript frameworks for you. Let’s take a look below.

1. AngularJS 2.0

After the release of AngularJS 2.0, the popularity of this framework has reached dizzying heights. AngularJS is maintained by Google and it is known for its amazing capabilities. Readiness for unit testing, easy code integration, and good development pace make it a really popular choice.

 2. ReactJS

ReactJS is a very popular JavaScript framework, maintained by Facebook.

React comes with a great JavaScript library, It works well in Virtual DOM<, Simpler JFX and SEO.

3. Meteor.js:

It allows you to use JavaScript on the back-end as well. This way, you will be able to build expertise and save time. You will be able to use JavaScript both on the front end as well as the back end. This makes it really easy for the developer. Meteor is ideal for building real-time web apps.

4. Node.JS:

If you wish to remain efficient and lightweight then you must choose Node.JS. With the help of Node.JS, you will be able to build fast and scalable network applications. It is known for its ability to handle plenty of simultaneous connections without compromising on throughput.

5. EmberJS:

If you wish to develop web applications in an easy and faster manner, then you can trust EmberJS to do it for you. Since the API is really easy to use, it is the first preference of many developers.

6. Mithril.js:

It is the little bit like React.js. It offers high-performance rendering as in the case of React.js. The most attractive features are URL routing and customizable data binding. It also gives you MVC components of hierarchical nature.

7. Polymar.JS:

It is the second offering from Google after AngularJS. When we compare it with React.js, it has its deficiencies. But they have introduced many good improvements recently.

8. Vue.js:

Without any doubt, Vue.js is one of the best new JavaScript frameworks out there. And it has become really popular within a short time span itself. In fact, Vue.js has started replacing Angular of late.

9. Aurelia:

It’s a new entrant. And it uses ES2016. Coding is really easy all thanks to the object-oriented techniques. Angular 2 involves a lot of code and if you are not happy with that then Aurelia is always there to help you. You have to put up with lesser codes when it comes to Aurelia.


As we all know, JavaScript is going to be the future of web development. Therefore, it is important to choose a good JavaScript framework for your project. We have presented top 9 frameworks in this article. Now it’s up to you to choose. Go for the functionalities instead of a number of features – that’s our advice.

Source: www.xmedo.com