Most default keyboards are designed for basic typing. Some offer the option to adjust the size of keys or word predictions so you can type faster. The emojis available on them are also limited and basic. For users who are more active on social media or messenger apps, these keyboards are a bit out of touch with the times. Here are some cool keyboard apps which can lift your social media experience by offering more cool emojis, customisation options and the option to communicate in regional languages.



Bridging the language barrier on social media

There are keyboards which can help users communicate with family and relatives on Facebook and WhatsApp in the vernacular language. Google’s Gboard app (Android, iOS; Free) offers the option to translate within the keyboard. Just tap on the G button and the translate icon and it will open a tab over the keyboard. Select the language you want to translate to and the keyboard will detect your typed language and show the translation in the social media or messenger you are using it with. Swalekh keyboard (Android, iOS; Free) allows users to transliterate a word typed into English into the word in the vernacular language.


More fun with Emojis

One of the coolest ways of communicating on social media or messengers is emojis or emoticons. Such is the craze about emojis that a day has been dedicated to them (17 July) and an animated movie on them was released last week. There are keyboard apps which can take the whole emoji thing to the next level. Bobble keyboard (Android, iOS; Free) not only allow users to add emojis with an Indian theme, but also allow them to personalise them. Users can click a selfie, and create a new emoji with their face and unique expressions in it. Finding the right emojis can be a time-taking process. One has to scroll through the entire inventory to find the right one. This is where keyboard such as Emoji Type (iOS; Free) can come in handy. It provides suggestions for emojis automatically while you are typing. So if you type food, you will see several food options how in the prediction section above the keyboard. Gboard allows users to search emojis by drawing an outline in the keyboard. Users can also send hand drawn emojis created with the app’s new Ink feature.


Sharing made easy

In case you are using a social media app such as Facebook or WhatsApp and want to share a video from YouTube or a story from Google search, you don’t have to switch from the former to the latter. Google’s Gboard allows users to access content on Google, Maps, YouTube from the keyboard’s interface. It also has a search bar so one can get anything. The Slash Keyboard (Android, iOS; Free) takes social sharing to the next level by offering more options. It allows users to access and share nearby places, Maps, tweets, videos from YouTube, audio from Soundcloud or Apple Music and articles from New York Times from the keyboard itself. All this makes sharing content a lot easier and saves the time spent on switching to another app.