In recent years web is being used in our daily lives. We use web for our every routine work as well such as shopping, banking, reading news etc. Infect web is being used in everything these days whether it be booking of a hotel or transferring of funds. PHP is used by 82.4% of all the websites. Since 2004, no other version of the language gave so many attractive features other than Php Development for better performance and accord. PHP has developed in the areas of improvement in speed and maturity of PHP libraries. PHP has stabilized, matured and predictable path forward.

The following are the latest PHP development trends in 2017

1. Artificial Intelligence

In the future of technology, we find artificial intelligence is on great demand. A lot of improvement and advancement has been made in the field of artificial intelligence in previous years. Artificial intelligence is used by large companies such a Google or Wikipedia to identify inaccurate or damaged articles and to improve search engines. Because of the advancement in artificial intelligence the developers can use it in different ways.

For example if you sign up for The Grid, Molly your web designer will ask you questions regarding branding, colors, content and layout and then based on your pre programmed algorithms, it will create an aesthetic website for you automatically. You can ask your web designer to update your website number of times till you feel you got it right.

2. Virtual Reality

Another area which is developing in the world of web is virtual reality. The Oculus rift and the Vive are bringing new improvements in the area of gaming. Several companies such as Google and Mozilla have begun working on API’s so that the virtual intelligence technologies can be included in the web. In the coming years we can see virtual intelligence growing in the areas of news coverage and real estate tours. As the standard is developing more and more applications are expected to be developed using VR Technologies.

3. Internet Of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is a technology where the objects those are not connected with internet are given connectivity to receive and send data. The objects range from toaster or kettle to sensors on motors or the sensors which are embedded in the concrete to detect weakness and cracks. Web developers may not be directly involved in the creation of such things but they are involved in the creation of data that is used to analyze and display the data of the devices. Many companies such as Xively and bugLabs have already started working on the development of API’s to communicate with internet of things.

4. Rails 5

The new version of rail 5 was introduced in 2016 and it is expected to grow its popularity in 2017. The new release of rail 5 comes with some attractive features which is helpful for web developers. Action cable is a new way to use web sockets to create real time applications. With the help of action cable the chat and notification feature got improved. With the help of Turbolinks developers can create Single Page like applications directly from Rails Sack. Rail5 also helped rails_api to merge into codebase. It helped developers to create API applications and merge it with JavaScript.

5. Angular 2 And Beyond

Angular 2 was introduced in 2016 and with it the Google front end JavaScript has been redesigned. The application is written in TypeScript. With this release Angular has now a more organized and regular release schedule.

6. Yarn Package Manager

Package Managers are the tools especially in the front end Java Script communities. With the help of it the developers can install, update, configure and uninstall code modules. The most popular JavaScript package manager is NPM and Bower. Facebook in collaboration with Exponent, Google and Tide has developed a new package manager. Yarn aims to solve the issues which Facebook has experienced with NPM in the areas such as performance security and consistency. Example while using NPM the developers might end up with two different versions which can cause issues so in this case Yarn uses lock files which ties modules to a specific version within a project.

7. Static Website Generators

Static website generators create website from plain text which are usually stored in files and not in database. The static websites built by generators like JEKYLL gives certain features such as increased speed, security, ease of deployment etc. Static website generators can be very useful in the coming time as content delivery networks and API’s are becoming the lifeline of the web.

8. Web Design Evolution

In 2017 more developments are introduced in web technologies. The web is an interesting place to deal with. People want engaging and compelling ways so that they can get the information quickly. Information keeps on changing and the methods used to deal with the information keeps on evolving along with it. PHP7 will be the primary framework for everyone in 2017. Entire PHP community is happy with the updated version of Php Development as all the drawbacks are removed in php7. With the help of it the servers get better security and better user experience.

Web hosting providers may upgrade to PHP7 because of its increasing popularity and features. As PHP7 came with attractive features such as better speed they can dominate in all aspects of PHP development. With the release of the versions such as Symphony, Laravel and Yii the older versions of Php Development can merge with the features of PHP7.