The global market has experienced an exponential increase in the number of smartphone users which ultimately has led to increase in the amount of time people spend on mobile application. All sections of the society, be it the working class, the students or house-wives, has a smartphone and we all are aware just how useful they are. The use of these gadgets has found its place in all spheres of life, be it shopping to online banking to watching TV shows to playing games. These days, over 25% people have a mobile friendly website today, compared to only 9% in 2010. Recently, there has been an exponential rise in the number of users downloading mobile applications. Experts predict the same graph for the coming years. In this era of smartphones, if you do not get mobile application development done for your business, you surely are losing on a lot of prospective customers. This makes mobile application development to be one of the most prominent business investment for 2018, since it serves a huge purpose to boost sales and visibility of any business.

 Mobile Application Development Statistics

2017 was a landmark year in the field of mobile application development with over 250 billion downloads being registered for free apps and 2018 looks promising if recent trends are to be believed. A lot of small-scale companies are increasingly realizing how these virtual platforms are no longer an optional investment. They should be a necessary part of the discussion for business strategy development because over the years they have been proven to be the very best way to meet the customer demands and increase sales. With mobile application development being one of the most actively growing sectors, there is vast scope for different types of applications which can be customized according to the customer needs. This helps in promoting better trade flow and consequently improved revenues. According to various surveys, over 88% of surveyed Small Businesses believe new technologies such as mobile applications will help in their business. Of those surveyed, over 22% of them have mobile application development phase finished for their business today, compared to only 8% in 2010.

 A Great Medium of Communication!

An application serves as a medium of communication, between the customer and the business owner, giving them a sense of belonging to the brand. These platforms help build solid customer-provider relationships which stand the test of time. The logo of your brand, which is always visible to users all the time when they use their smartphone helps in building brand awareness. Statistics show that users tend to go back to the same brand more if they see their logo or advertisements more often. Custom mobile application development features such as rewards points, push notification helps in retention and in building regular interaction. Rewarding loyal customers prevents them from looking for alternate options available in the market. If statistics are to be believed, mobile retail sales to exceed $700 billion annually by 2018 which is lot to miss out at.

Mobile application development for your business increases the accessibility and helps the user connect with their favourite products and services on the go. They download apps as it is convenient and helps them navigate through the products and services without the hassle of physically going to the store. Last year alone in United States, 46% of smartphone users have purchased a product or a service on their smartphone with most of them being in the last quarter. This greatly helps in boosting revenue as this has great advantages over the traditional form of doing businesses. These customers also help in creating new user base wherever they go, by means of interaction and word of mouth.

Also, regular updates about the new products and services being offered to keep them interested and thus is an important tool for marketing these days. This also gives them a sense of involvement in your business development and thus promoting allegiance to your brand.

Nowadays, mobile application development and promotion campaigns can bring a lot of concepts and strategies to boost sales. One of the recent trends is that of referrals via social media which allows a customer to get some benefit if he can make his or her friends sign up for the app. This is very effective as this creates a digital word of mouth and help in increasing the number of users that see your products exponentially as the users have incentives for doing so. The concept of newsletters is also gaining ground as the followers won’t want to miss discounts or special offers, and thus helping to get traffic on your applications. Mobile coupons and discount offers are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than mail or newspaper distributed coupons. These all are an integral part of the branding process.

With transitional shift being witnessed in all spheres, it is important to be part of this change and not be left behind. Customers engaged in online shopping through mobile applications have been benefited by the introduction of Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other payment options. All of this clearly indicates how mobile applications are important for clients in gaining essential information and also makes us aware of the huge market that exists there in the virtual world. Enterprises, small and big alike, are generating a lot of revenue and it is the most exciting of time for business owners in the digital playfield. With over 75% of marketers already incorporating mobile platforms in their budgets, don’t be a part of the 25% left in the dust.