Are you a web designer? If yes then maybe you are looking for resources from where you can take inspiration and boost your creativity. To make it simple we have a collection of hand-picked top 10 web design blogs for you which will not just help you to enhance your skills but take your creativity to another level.

 1. Smashing Magazine

Let’s start off with one of the most famous blogs which is not just an inspiration for many new aspiring web designers but for people who are seeking helpful genuine resources. Smashing Magazine has 5 million+ monthly pageviews and has a wide loyal fan base of 1 million+ Twitter followers and 300,000+ Facebook likes.

Founded in 2006 currently is the largest and most active hub of web design resources. If you are a newbie and still don’t know about this amazing site then bookmark it now to get latest updates and tips on graphic design, web design and UX.

2. Web Designer Depot

When you visit this site then it’s guaranteed than before reading it’s amazing content you will find yourself checking it’s hover effects, design etc. Yes, it has one of the most attractive and simple design which appeals masses.

Web Designer Depot was founded by Walter Apai who is a Canadian web designer in 2010. If you are serious about learning modern web design then this is the perfect resource for you. As a one of the best web design blogs around you will find lots of insights professional web designers. Cool, isn’t?

3. Mockplus Blog

Here is another great place to find lots of amazing resources. At Mockplus Blog you will not just find about UI/UX, prototyping design, web design , graphic design but prototyping tools, web design trends.

Primarily MockPlus is a prototype tool which allows you to make prototype smarter, faster and easier. You can get hand to it’s tool but if you want to first learn how prototypes actually work then you can read it’s blog.

4. Hacking UI

Hacking UI is a community for developers, designers and creative entrepreneurs. It’s name may pretty much attracts you, well it will not disappoint you at any level.

If you are bit aware of current trends then you may aware of interaction design. Well it is a design which is in trend so if you are on the way to become a amazing interaction designer then this resource will help you a lot.

5. Design Instruct

Design Instruct is a perfect place for designers and digital artist as it is providing a wide range of tutorials. People like you love to learn new designing techniques from here so they can further implement on their projects. Design Instruct cover almost all aspects of designing from photography to graphic design to illustration to web design, just everything.

6. Creative Bloq

Hope you know about this blog if not then without reading about it just head to the blog. It is guaranteed you will not get disappoint. Creative Bloq is a one stop resource for your web design, 3D, graphic design and more.

Creative Bloq offers amazing tips. By following them anyone could easily become professional. You can learn latest trends of development and designing from here.

7. Designmodo

Designmodo is a web development and web designing blog which provide great collection of tips on web development, and web design. Apart from it you will get access of tons of premium and freebies products.

No matter whether you are a newbie or expert Designmodo is an amazing place for both types of people. If you want to expand the area of your knowledge then this is one of the best web design blogs which you need to follow.

8. Web Designer Wall

Toronto based illustrator and web designer Nick La founded the Web Designer Wall in 2017. This blog has been widely recognized by many top rated designing sites because of its simple and unique design. People love to visit this site because of it’s amazing tutorials on coding, web design, trends and more.

9. Design Shack

Maybe other will keep you updated with major design changes but this is bit different from others as it will give you insights which are happening in internet on daily basis. Design Shack has a hue community which ensures that you will get latest updates frequently without any delay.

10. 1stWebDesigner

1stWebDesigner is managed by 14 people. All are working for providing better knowledge. Here you will find elaborated solutions on graphic design, web design, social media blogging, programming, marketing and more.