What if Facebook had never integrated its updates and we still were using its original interface the Social Media Network began with? Sounds pretty dull, right? Would you like to return to the newsfeed of 2009 or prefer the profile layout before the timeline was introduced in 2011?

The decade since the mighty social media network went live, is a saga of enormous makeovers and its transformation from a cluttered catch-all news feed to a sophisticated and personalized timeline as we know today. The Facebook’s evolution story is a clear demonstration of why it is important to change, evolve and stay at the top of the trends, otherwise; you will probably be wiped out as thousands of new websites are pouring into the internet every day.

Why it is important to follow the latest web design trends?

The web development industry is growing at an incredible speed. Every year, the industry goes through numerous changes and new features are being explored helping the webs to stay relevant and inspiring. From functionality to typography to new visual concepts, it’s now mandatory for designers to stay up-to-date as there is no other option than to keep up.

As a web developer or a digital marketer, it’s sometimes hard to navigate and explore the latest trends as the industry is constantly moving forward. Trends that are famous this year will probably be considered archaic in the next year.

We have made our predictions on the web development trends that would rule the last quarter of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.

1. Artificial intelligence

AI is getting more and more ingrained in our daily lives. The basic purpose of artificial intelligence in the web and mobile apps is to help the users with small and intellectual chores, like finding out the best dog breed for tropical regions or where the nearest Sushi restaurant is located.

Google, Wikipedia, and Facebook successfully used AI in web development, and now it is permeating more and more into the digital realm. Facebook uses the AI for face recognition, translation of text between the languages and more.

Here are some of the AI objectives that make it a must-have feature for website,

Better Customer Experience

The significant purpose of AI is to predict the mood of customers and understand his priorities. With the help of statistical analysis and experimentation, AI can help a website provide a better user experience. It also helps the marketers to minimize the errors from customer’s perspective and process and execute large amounts of data efficiently.

Better Reply Predictions

No one likes to interact with Bots. We, humans, are emotional beings and wish to be treated that way. With artificial intelligence, it is now possible to understand customer’ emotions and communicate with them more efficiently. The purpose of chatbots is to make the customer’s interaction more natural and remove all the communication barriers.

The popularity of Voice Search

The internet user today is far less patient than it was like 10 years ago. The user today wants to get information faster and easier. The main purpose is to enhance the user experience and provide him with multiple search options. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular among the cool kids of the tech industry and now is an integral part of website development service.


SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the backbone of a website’s security, and it protects all the sensitive information traveling across is the internet. According to Digicert, 43% of the users abandon a site when they receive a security alert message. SSL is an essential feature for every website, even if it doesn’t involve the use of sensitive information like bank details or credit cards.

The primary purpose of SSL is to provide critical security, privacy and data integrity for your website as well as increase the customer’s trust. Here are some of the further objectives of SSL & HTTPS,

  1. When an SSL certificate is used, the data transferred is encrypted, and the information is unreadable to everyone except the destination servers. This protects sensitive data from hackers and imposters trying to steal information.
  2. The SSL certificate provides authentication. This means you can recheck if you are sending the information to the right sever, especially when you require sending the information to various computers.
  3. Google and all other search engines prefer the sites that are more secure. This means that HTTPS has the upper hand over HTTP because it provides the secure and private user experience.

3. Gifs and Animation

The use of GIFS and animation is currently a popular trend in web design. Every day we see hundreds of GIFs in our messenger and conversations. Smart web designers have utilized this as a feature in web apps for better engagement with users. Gifs make the user happy and giggle and also enrich the design layout. Moreover, visual information is far more appealing than plain text and user finds it more interesting to watch the videos as compared to text. Animations, GIFS, and sophisticated visual elements keep the user’s interest intact and help you to tell a better brand story.

4. Mobile Responsive Design

Since 2012 we have seen a major shift of internet users moving from desktop to mobile phones. 60% of the website traffic in the United States comes from mobile phones, and by each passing day, mobile usage continues to grow. It is very crucial for a site to set a design layout that is mobile friendly.

In past couple of years, we have seen a lot of websites having two versions of their site. One is the primary site for the desktop, and the other is a mobile version of their site. However, this practice is gradually coming to an end as responsive web development in the first place is a preferred method. Mobile responsive web design is not an option anymore, it’s a must have and if your website is not mobile friendly, start thinking about it today.

5. Internet of Things

Internet of things and artificial intelligence go hand in hand as the fundamental purpose is to make the devices better and enable them to communicate with each other. We have stepped in the next generation digital world where users demand internet to allow them to control every facet of their lives.

Now the job of web developer is to produce apps that would allow the users to remotely control all the household devices through internet devices and also help them in better device communication and data analysis.

Amazon echo’s voice assistant, Alexa is a perfect example of IoT. The virtual assistant performs various functions like play music, provide a weather report, and get sports scores, order an Uber and more. (Reminds me of Samantha from the movie “Her”)


We can clearly observe that the web development is quickly moving towards the possible user needs where the sites should be interactive, personal and relevant. Staying updated with the recent trends is now an integral and crucial part of website development. The above-mentioned web-development trends are guaranteed to help you create a website that your client, as well as the end user, will adore.

Source: opensourceforu.com