WordPress Development is one of the biggest trends followed by the tech evangelists. Every business owner wants a website for the expansion of their business. In the advanced world of technology, the trends are updated at a regular pace.

Innumerable platforms are available for the development of a web application.

There are so many tools and software are available now that makes programmer life very easy. The person who has less experience in coding but has interest in development can also develop a better website. WordPress, Wix and many more tools are available to create a website with drag and drop concept.

If we talk about the only WordPress, then it is an open source website creation tool that is written in PHP. It is the most powerful and useful website and blogging content management system. Web creation becomes very easy because of this tool.

Let’s get down to know the future trend of WordPress websites.

Drag And Drop Theme Customization

Till now, the theme customization was easy but not as simple as drag and drop themes which were introduced by WordPress. This level of customization allows user to showcase their Website without writing any codes. Exploration with web designs as well as with plugins is now way much simple. Themes like Uplift, BeTheme, and foundry are the live examples of responsive drag and drop themes.

 Video Header

Oh yeah! A video header will definitely allow brands to promote their branding at the new level. In 2018, video header will dominate and will be the attention point. Themes like Inspire and Balzac features video headers and in 2018, it is expected that more themes will appear to improve the web design.

VR In Web Design

Can Virtual Reality be the part latest WordPress trends? It’s an interesting question to put up. Companies like Sony, Google, and Apple are constantly searching out different ways to apply Virtual Reality in our lives. However, with an impeccable flexibility WordPress is the leading platform for web development and designs. The plugins which are developed by WordPress are widely boosting the business as well as user experience. At present, WordPress websites support 360-degree videos and photos and there are chances that WordPress will enhance the experience with a VR plugin which can be included in WordPress latest trends.

Including Google, Apple, Mvestor, and UPS, many other websites are empowered by WordPress which are gaining a lot in their business and reason our web designs and web development which is flexible in WordPress. It is obvious that WordPress will appear the best in 2018 and will rock your website with it latest trends.

Source: www.elsner.com