We are all living in a fast and progressive era, where the trends undergo changes than anything else in the world. Whether it is the fashion and retail industry or the mobile application and web development, the professionals have to remain updated with the recent trends that is ruling at the present.

So far we have discussed about the trends related to mobile app development, Internet of Things etc. but web development also holds an important position in this scenario.

At the same time it must be noted that web development trends are not only confined to implementing new techniques in User Interface or User Experience, but there are some other ideas too, which needs to be followed.

Ultimately the fact is that you need to compete and succeed in this tough competition and so you must be aware of every single change that is happening around. More than that it also helps in establishing your brand value.

1. Changes in Chatbot and AI-based web solutions

The technology based with chatbots is going to further enhance such that the companies will no more be requiring to hire customer service executives. According to a report, it is expected that nearly 85% of the customer servicing will be free from human interaction by the year 2020. As per the current scenario, thousands of companies have already incorporated bots and this number is increasing. And it is a must have feature in each of the websites.

Although it is human free, still the interface of the chatbot is such that it provides a feeling that client is conserving with the customer executive. They also receive an enriched experience. It allows you to remain in touch with your customer 24x7x365 days irrespective of any time or situation.

The chatbot has the potential to answer all queries and satisfy the needs of the customer. It also assists in sending them to the apt page and choose the right kind of product.

Furthermore, it is also expected that the Artificial Intelligence based web solutions will be implementing the voice recognition technology, which will further boost the interaction process.

2. Implementation of Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

The term Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) is actually new as it was initially introduced in the year 2015. With the passage of time this is becoming a more familiar word as it is giving a good competition to the native mobile apps.

The websites designed with Progressive Web Applications offers the same experience as the native mobile apps. It also provides the user the facility to browse offline. Big giants such as Flipkart, Twitter or Forbes have already opted for PWAs and are taking the benefits while coming across its unique features.

One of the prominent reasons why it is becoming so popular is because it offers better animation, custom loading and absence of navigation bar.

Well, there are some other pros of implementing the PWA. One of these include the increase of traffic on the sites as it grows by 3x. Secondly, you are able to again bring back the users and the data network usage also decreases. Thus, it has become a good option when it becomes to expecting the best ROI.

 3. The Launch of Angular 5 JavaScript Framework

Google recently launched the Angular 5 JavaScript Framework a couple of months back in November. It has been introduced with a lot of new improvements and features such as it is more compact, faster and can be accessed easily.

Moreover, the Material Design Element is designed to become friendlier. In addition to that it has also been provided with Progressive Web Application which has different benefits. The unwanted and unnecessary codes and small applications also have also been removed. Apart from that Angular 5 web development framework has also been stuffed with other features that are quite useful for the end users.

4. The Trend of Single Page Website

As said the trends are altering and one such move into this direction is the use of single page websites that are considered simple yet elegant. It does not allow to create much confusion in the minds of the users. It is developed on one page and is long and scrollable down the order.

The advantages basically are not diverting the attention of the customers while they are navigating the page. Since it is single page, the hosting charges are also affordable. The developer doesn’t have to go for the complex techniques and the sites can be designed within quick time. All information can be accessed on one page only; don’t have to go to any other page. However, the exceptions are e-commerce sites.

5. The Return of Static Website

All websites started their journey with the static format but as the time moved on, things become more complex. So, we could witness more of dynamic websites that were easier and more user friendly. But now the old trend is returning back as the static websites will gain the ground with some additional features added, all thanks to the Content Management System (CMS).

The static website will be easier to access than ever before. Another plus factor is the user does not to now rely upon any type of databases or any other systems. They are even budget friendlier and more secured in comparison to the dynamic websites.

6. The Use of UI in Motion

We have so far witnessed number of changes taking place in mobile app development and the designing process. One is also aware of the fact that User Interface is essential feature of the designing technique whether mobile or website. The designers implemented a number of methods so as to lure the customers such as using GIF or making beautiful designs.

But now the time has arrived to do something unique and one of the ways is the use of moving User Interface that are in motion. We are perceiving different types of animations being used even in 3Ds because it has the capability of instantly driving the audience into your page. In fact, you can also customize it according to your specific requirements. You can clone, superpose, delete, obscure, match, and scroll etc. by using this advanced technology.

7. Using Push Notifications for Websites

We have seen and quite familiar that push notifications are one of the important tactics employed by mobile developers to inform users about important information such as discount and coupons. But implementing the same policy for the websites will be something to watch out for.

Push Notifications have been more than handy in case of e-commerce websites and so this trend is set to be followed within the current years and thereafter.

 8. From Flash to HTML5

HTML5 was launched in 2014 and since then it has covered a good ground to gain the attention of the developers. What is more interesting to note, is it has substituted flash and is more efficient in comparison to it. The Flash was unable to support the mobile apps.

With more and more websites taking the guard of HTML5, one will perceive more of images and videos getting displayed as it is friendlier to digital content.

The Final Words

In addition to the above mentioned web development trends, there are some other trends such as introduction of PHP7, advancement in SSL and Https, wider use of Google AMP etc. It becomes the sheer responsibility of the web developer to make oneself aware about these trends and bring them into practice while designing sites.

If you want your business to scale new heights and stand apart in the crowd, then it becomes imperative to follow the trends keenly.

Source: www.mindinventory.com