Coding With JavaScript

Well, today programmers and developers have plenty of options available to write down their programming codes. The programming languages such as Swift, Java, C, C++, HTML, and JavaScript are few examples of trending programming tools available for developers to play with. But, from the perspective of an app developer, the name of JavaScript comes on the top.

The JavaScript framework is a very simple, versatile and functional to design a website or a mobile application. The writing codes with screen visual effect and data calculating features of JavaScript makes the programming easy for the app developers. That is the one major reason behind the confidence of top app developers on the JavaScript framework as today 60% of programmers rely upon it.

And, due to the dynamic benefits and feasibility of JavaScript programming language, today developers can’t ignore the importance of JavaScript, but still if you have any doubts regarding the functionality of JavaScript. Then, look at the few benefits of language ahead.

Why should you learn JavaScript?

  1. Execution On Clients Side. Well, running and executing data on the JavaScript is a very easy. As the code is executed on the system of the user instead of the web server. Thus the bandwidth and strain on the web server are saved with the JavaScript framework.
  2. Easy to Learn & Understand. The JavaScript language is highly simple to learn as the syntax of the language are in simple Roman English. The DOM Model is used in it, where already important functions are prewritten in the object case. So, developers can customize them according to their desire and utilize the JavaScript features.
  3. Fast Processing. As the JavaScript works, processes, and provide results in the computer of the client, then lots of time is saved. Because it doesn’t require the site’s web server and sent back to the user consuming local as well as server bandwidth.
  4. Extended Functionality. JavaScript offers their users to add on extra snippets from the third party sources. Such as Greasemonkey with which you can write extra features and implement it. The JavaScript allows users to add extra features to their function and implement them with the third-party add-on.

JavaScript & React Native belongs Together

Well, as we are already familiar with the dynamic nature of the react native and it’s importance in the app development. Then, we won’t repeat it, but together both react native and JavaScript complements each other pretty perfectly. The react native app written in the JavaScript framework is highly competent and functional. And, that’s why today every developer is going to this duo combination.